Bologna canal

A Window on Bologna, Italy

Did you know Bologna once had canals which brought cargo ships from the sea all the way into the city? Well they are now pretty much dried up or shrunk to small channels of water. However you can get a glimpse at the canals through a picturesque window on Via Piella next to Trattoria Biassnot.

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Reasons City Passes Don’t Always Work

1. 24 Hours or Midnight to Midnight Some City Passes (including Dublin and London) count one day from midnight to midnight. So if you arrive in town  in the evening and want to use the included transportation from the airport that will count as your first day. Decide whether you want a City Pass according […]

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skin sore

Unusual Zurich Museum of Disfiguring Diseases

MoulagenMuseum Feast your eyes on realistic representations of diseased body parts. These are the medically accurate recreations of how the worse possible diseases manifest themselves on our bodies. See scar covered backs, blistered feet, swollen faces and pus oozing sores. Cancer, leprosy, syphilis and more are shown in plastic or wax  recreations. Models such as […]

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turkey changing of the guard

Changing of the Guard Ankara, Anitkabir

You can see the changing of the guard in Ankara at the Anitkabir where the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is located. Ataturk was the founder of modern Turkey and the country’s first president. The site is about 2km west of Kizilay and stands on a prominent hill. Visitors enter the mausoleum complex through an […]

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Arlington Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard – Arlington Virginia, USA

In the Arlington National Cemetery there is a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. On one side is a tomb for unknown soldiers who died in World War II and on the other side a tomb dedicated to US service men who died in the Korean […]

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London free attractions

Free Attractions in London

I’ve just started contributing to Hubpages and have published my first (well not really my first) Hub. It is all about the free attractions in London. You’ll find out about free tours in London, even a free ghost tour! So visit Free London Attractions.

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Changing of the Guard, London, UK

The mother of all Changing of the Guard ceremonies takes place outside the Royal residence in London, England, but what few people realize is that it also takes place outside Windsor Palace and at the Horse Guard Parade Whitehall. Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard The ceremony outside Buckingham Palace is also called the Guard […]

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copenhagen changing of the guard

Changing of the Guard Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Changing of the Guard The Changing of the Guard in Copenhagen is one of the most impressive in Europe. The event takes place in a square surrounded by four palaces, the most important of them being the Amalienborg Palace. This Rococo masterpiece is the winter home of the Royal family. When the monarch is […]

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Changing of the Guard Athens Greece

Athens, Greece Changing of the Guard The Presidential Guard (Evzones) stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier outside the Parliament Building which used to be the Royal Palace until 1843. The guards wear the traditional Greek white pleated skirts (fustanella), silk garters, tunic tops, clogs adorned with pom-poms and pillar box hats (phareon) with long tassels […]

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Loorenkopf – Hilltop Zurich Observation Point

Loorenkopf is a 33 meter high freestanding tower which stands among the forest of trees on the wooded mount Alisberg, north of the Witikon Quarter. The tower stands at an altitude of 694 meters. The tower was constructed in 1954 and made of wood lattice; long planks of wood which have been overlapped to form a criss-cross pattern […]

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