terracotta Army

Unusual Xian

Xian is often just a brief stop on travelers’ itinerary, most people stop here to see the Terracotta Warriors and then move on to the capital or Shanghai. However once you have seen the essential sites of Xian with a Xian tour then you should spend some time exploring the city in-depth. Unusual Xian Restaurant - 5th floor, Jinsha International, Changan Lu, […]

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Karostas – Be a Soviet Prisoner for the Night

The Karostas Prison first accommodated unfortunate guests over 100 years ago. There is something rather unsettling about the fact that the people running this “prison experience” hotel were probably alive or even experienced the Russian regime themselves. If not them then definitely their parents. Latvia gained independence in 1989, only 25 years ago and now […]

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Sun Island Snow and Ice Festival Harbin

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival Venues 2015

In 2015 the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival will have the theme of ” Happy Ice Snow Exciting City.” It will open on 5th January 2015 with a large firework display and many activities. Having recently planned a trip to Harbin I know online info about Harbin venues can be confusion so here is the […]

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China, Harbin, Snow and Ice Festival

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival 2 Day Itinerary

We took a pretty standard approach to seeing the sites in the short time we had there. Of course you can spend about a week in Harbin enjoying the many sites but you can also stuff it all in to 2 days. For just 2 days the Ibis Hotel is convenient and cheap. You can […]

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Barcelona Underground Restaurant

This restaurant is not literally underground, figuratively speaking it is off the charts in terms of quality and exclusivity. Javier Sangenis and his wife opened the restaurant in their home because they have a passion for cuisine, specifically Mediterranean food and they want to share that passion with their guests. An evening in their home […]

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Best Time to Book a Flight

According to extensive research made by CheapAir of flight bookings during 2013: For domestic US flights: Best time to book: 104 to 29 days before your flight. Worst time to book a flight: within the last 13 days before a flight. For international flights originating in the US the best time to book is: To Europe: […]

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rabbit island japan

Rabbit Island, Japan

Like something out of a fantasy film, this island off the coast of Japan is overrun with cute little bunnies. Okunoshima Island (or “Usagi Jima” – Rabbit Island) is home to a large number of wild rabbits. During World War II the island was used for factories which produced chemical weapons. After the war it […]

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China,Great Wall

Beijing – See the Great Wall on a Short Stop Over

Beijing is huge, even a week would probably not be long enough to scrap the surface but if you happen to have a short layover at Beijing’s Capital Airport there is no reason to waste your time sitting around in the airport. Firstly there is a 72 hour visa which you can get on-the-spot in […]

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Tibet – Not What You Imagined

When you think of Tibet it conjures up thoughts of Buddhism, Yaks, monks, Chinese occupation, slogans like “Free Tibet” and the Dalai Lama. And although the country has a reputation for being extremely beautiful there seems to be a cloud of uncertainty about when, if and how to visit. The surprising thing is it actually […]

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