5 Unusual Things to do in Nottingham

Sky Mirror, Nottingham
Nottingham is a great alternative to London, its cheaper than the capital and let’s face it who can resist Robin Hood! Among the many things to do in Nottingham there is visiting the castle, City of Caves, Wollaton Hall and the Justice Museum. But for more unusual things to do in Nottingham why not try one of these suggestions:

1.Place a Bet

Visit the Nottingham racecourse; there are two tracks used at different times of the year and they are both left-handed (no idea what that means). This is certainly one of the unusual things to do in Nottingham and not what the average tourist would think of. The racecourse has an on-site restaurants “Sherwood’s” and food stalls. visitors are welcome to bring their own food and have a picnic. The closest (good) hotel to the racecourse is The Colwick Hall Hotel.

2. Kitty Cafe Nottingham

Make yourself at home on the sofas and armchairs as furry friends brush up against you. Like the Japanese cat cafes this cafe offers open spaces, cat toys and cats for those who would rather have their tea while stroking a cat. Of course there is a menu of refreshments as well but the main attraction are the felines. The cafe operates a rescue project where they care for cats until they can find them a forever-home.

3. Pitcher and Piano – Pub in a Church

This unusual Nottingham attraction is housed in a converted church. You get the high ceilings, stained glass windows and arches while you sip your beverage bought from the bar in the middle of what would have been the nave. It is actually one of a chain of 18 eateries across the UK but this one boasts the most interesting location.

4. Hopkinson – a Treasure Trove of Vintage Junk

I’m a sucker for markets and second-hand stores, they are the perfect place to find unusual souvenirs. Hopkinson is spread over four floors and you’ll have to rummage your way through antiques, vintage items and pure junk to find the hidden gems.

5. A Really “Hidden” Gem

From the outside you wouldn’t know that the Boilermaker is a pub, in fact hidden pubs seem to be a popular theme in Nottingham. The facade of the property looks like an abandoned boiler shop store front. Their website states that they want you to chill and their “method is booze.” It also states “Dress Code: Clothes are preferable!” Do yourself a favor and visit their hilarious website for the pub rules. In fact it isn’t really a pub but rather a cocktail bar with some cleverly named unusual cocktails and mixology. You’re sure to have fun at this place.

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