Unique Amsterdam Windmill and Pub

No point going to Holland if you don’t see a windmill, right? But if your trip is based in the centre of Amsterdam, you will probably be too busy with Anne Frank, Van Gogh, and red lights to get out into the country side and see a windmill. Luckily there is a windmill relatively close to the centre. The De Gooyer windmill or Funenmolen was originally built in 1725, and has undergone several renovations and a relocation, but it is the genuine thing. It is now a private home and is occasionally still used to grind corn. At the entrance there is a pub with a few tables and chairs stuffed into the interior of the mill, and a seating area outside. Next to the mill, is the Brouwerij ‘t IJ brewery, established within the old Funen public bath house. There you can do a guided tour(Fri at 4pm), beer tasting and visit their pub IJ Proeflokaal, open daily from 15:00 to 20:00 in the windmill.

The windmill stands in the Eastern part of the city overlooking the Nieuwevaart Canal where the Singel Gracht nearly meets the waterfront, and you will get to see a less tourist populated neighbourhood.
Funenkade 5,
Getting there:
Bus no. 22 from Central Station or Prins Hendrik Kade to Zeeburgerstraat.
Or take trams 6 or 10 towards the Javaplein, get off around the Pontanus. When returning take number 6 or 7. You can see the windmill from the tram stop.
Open hours:
Daily 15:00-20:00

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