Barcelona Underground Restaurant

This restaurant is not literally underground, figuratively speaking it is off the charts in terms of quality and exclusivity. Javier Sangenis and his wife opened the restaurant in their home because they have a passion for cuisine, specifically Mediterranean food and they want to share that passion with their guests. An evening in their home requires a donation which starts at a minimum rate (at time of writing it was $60 per person) and the experience lasts about 3 hours.

Not only do you get a home cooked high quality meal but you get to share the table with interesting strangers, learn about their way of life and socialize in an intimate and exclusive setting. The meal consists of 4 courses, appetizer, salad, main course of meat or fish, dessert, coffee and drinks which include two glasses of regional wines. The knowledgable hosts will explain about the different wines.

You can book a meal is this local Barcelona home through a website called Vayable. Vayable is a platform for locals to offer their knowledge in a particular field to visitors to their city (at a price).

To find out more about Vayable and a culinary evening in Javier Sangenis’ home check out the Vayable website. Trip4Real is a similar site offering experiences with locals in cities around the globe – including Barcelona.

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