Barcelona’s Halloween Restaurant – La Posada Maldita

At this Barcelona restaurant its Halloween all year round. The restaurant theme is terror. Instead of wine on the table there is the blood of virgins, alternatively try the holy water. the staff are dressed up and made-up with excellent make-up and costumes to look like half-dead, spooky and scary characters. Of course the decor is in line with the theme as well so you’ll be immersed into the dungeon like atmosphere. To find the toilets you’ll have to pass the grave yard and ask one of the night creatures.  Due to the number of beasts, monsters and vampires it is recommended to eat lots of garlic and carry a crucifix.

The staff take their roles very seriously, they stay in character and serve up your meal with non-stop creepy fun. You’ll be thrilled, spilled and fed!

La Posada Maldita is located at Avenida Flor de Maig 57, Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona, Spain. An average meal will cost you 36-50€ and the restaurant requires a deposit of 10€ when making a booking. The Barcelona Halloween restaurant is open from 22:00 to 00:30 nightly except for Friday, Saturday and national holidays.

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