Beer Bath Spa and Brewery

Looking for something unusual and unique to do in Prague? Something you really won’t find in every place. Try a beer bath, that’s right, lounge in a bath full of beer for 20 minutes (while enjoying a mug of the brew as well) and then relax wrapped up in blankets for 25 minutes before a massage using the grains used in the fermenting process.
All this takes place at the Chodovar Brewery which is part of a complex in Chodova Plana which includes hotels, restaurants, the spa and the brewery which you can tour (and taste the beer).

As the little town of Chodova Plana takes about 4 hours to reach by train from Prague and 2.5 hours by bus it is worth staying overnight in one of the local hotels. There are packages you can get which include a beer bath, brewery tour, restaurant meals and a massage.

The baths are available for single or double use and the beer is thought to have rejuvenating qualities including aiding those with skin problems like Psoriasis as well as helping stress. There are also a range of massages including hot stone massage and a hot draft pack.

Beer Spa – Prave Pivni Lazne
Pivovarská 107
348 13 Chodová Planá
Czech Republic
Single 20 minute beer bath $30, 20 minute massage $12, 50 minute massage $20.
Open Hours:
09:00-17:00 Daily

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