Best Beach in Eilat

Eilat has many beautiful beaches and sites, but when I travel to Eilat I have to make a stop at “Bar Beach”. Take a taxi, and ask him to drop you off at “Hof Ben Harush”. The taxi will drop you in a parking lot along the beach, in the direction of Taba, and south of coral beach. Then go down a narrow path between a restaurant (the beach is named after the restaurant) on your left and a booth renting scuba gear on your right. You’ll find yourself on a small beach, usually over crowded with tourists, and most of them taking diving lessons, from the adjacent centre. Don’t stop there, turn left and keep walking towards the small pier, where the restaurant has tables set up. Just after you cross the pier, you will find yourself on an even narrower and smaller strip of beach. That’s the one I am talking about. If you go just a few steps further you will once again be on a crowded, though bigger, tourist beach – Hof haalmogim/Coral Beach.
Why do I love this tiny patch of beach?
You have the restaurant( not Kosher) right next to you, with a toilet, background music, and they service you where you are sitting on the comfortable couches under large umbrellas on a wooden deck.
As for sitting, the tiny beach is laid out with super comfortable chairs, tables and umbrellas. Although one minus is the lack of lots of sand.
And lastly of course there is the sea. Here your kids can safely play in the water, and see fish when they are only ankle deep, a perfect place for snorkeling and you can hire the equipment for a few shekels from the booth you past. The sea is down two steps from the raised “Bar Beach” deck area, but right under your nose, so that you can comfortably relax and still watch the kids.I recommend the humus, salad and chips, together with a lemon and mint crushed ice smoothie while watching the sun go down.
For an all-inclusive family hotel try the Siesta. Eilat is one of my top picks for places to go in Israel.

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  1. Hank Freid July 16, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    It is really a unique way to guide the visitor & share of information about beach. Beach is a best place to visit & we can simple enjoy whole day there

  2. Hoss September 27, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    I guess this place is just perfect for my honeymoon.

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