Macabre Bone Church Experience!

When sand from the Holy Land was brought to this village it became extremely popular to be buried here. the amount of bones grew and grew. When the church was rebuilt/designed the job of stacking all these bones was given to a blind monk, resulting in another guy František Rint being brought in to organize the lot. The result was The Sedlec Ossuary ( kostnice Sedlec) a Roman Catholic Chapel decorated and furnished with between 40,000 and 70,000 human bones! The chandelier contains every bone in the human body, there is also a coat of arms – bones, bells – bones, wall hangings – bones, everything – bones! You have to see it to believe it. Well I always say that it is not enough to visit only a country’s capital, you should try to get out to the smaller towns and villages. So this excursion gives you that opportunity as Kutna Hora is just an hour from Prague. There are organized tours, but who needs them, make your own way there and then you can wander around the local town as well. I recommend you stay overnight and get a taste of the local character and atmosphere.
Zamecká 127
Kutná Hora – Sedlec,
Czech Republic 284 03
Tel. 728 125488
Getting there:
From the Prague train station Praha Hlavni Nadrazi on Wilsonova road catch a train to Kunta Hora, direct or changing at Kolin. There is an international info booth at the station so get info there. There is another town with a very similar name so make sure you are going the right way, and watch station signs at each stop. The church is a 10 minute walk from the station, there are 2 stations in Kunta Hora, you don’t want Kutná Hora Město unless you are staying the night and need to go to the main part of town first. Exit Kunta Hora station(not Mesto) turn right and walk towards elevated hill then take left until you see a church on your left, then take the small road opposite (on your right) and take that road until you see All Saint’s Chapel. The entrance is on the side.
If you prefer bus ( price is the same as train)From Prague’s Florenc or Černý Most, it takes 1hr 15min -1hr 30 to Kutná Hora.
Open Hours:
Daily except Sunday.
April-October 09:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
20CZK students
30CZK For photo permission.
Web Site:

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    Good post about wonderful location. I finally thinking on my travel and provided information could be helpful. Cheers.

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