Tokyo Cat Cafe at Kichijoji Station

(Updated December 2017)

Cuddle Up with a Cat at this Tokyo Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Calico ( Kichijoji), is often packed with people – but they are locals – wanting to spend some quality time with cats. Their website calls it a “space to heal with a cute cat” and locals consider spending time with animals as therapeutic. The owners has brought together 25 cats and kittens, all pedigrees, to lounge around and be petted in this purr-fect cat lovers environment. The resident cats at Cat Cafe Tokyo Kichijoji Station include Russian Blues and Persians.

Purrr-fect Cafe for Cat Lovers

The room is large and furnished with comfy sofas and cat climbing trees. In Tokyo many apartments don’t allow pets, so people can indulge themselves here. There are 3 other cat cafes like this in Tokyo but this was the first. So you can sip on your tea and maybe share a saucer of milk with a feline friend. This Tokyo Cat Cafe is also conveniently located in a popular shopping area just a few seconds from Kichijoji station in the station’s shopping street at the north exit.

Animal-Rights Protected at this Tokyo Cafe

The place has some strict rules to make sure the cats are treated with respect. The place is spotless, with cleaning assistants at the ready and the number of visits is limited. On arrival you remove your shoes and are provided with a locker for your things. Then you wash and disinfect your hands and settle down to play.
cat cafe tokyo Kichijoji station

Eating and Drinking at the Cat Cafe Tokyo

If you’re wondering what you can eat and drink at this Tokyo cat cafe there are cheese and chocolate cakes, hot and cold drinks, fresh juices, omelettes, carbonara, shrimp tomato cream pasta, and some other interesting dishes. You can even buy snacks for the cats. But let’s face it no one comes here for the food or drinks – it is all about getting a little cat therapy.

Bringing Children to the Cat Cafe Calico

Sadly only children in 5th grade and older are allowed in, as younger kids tend to play too roughly with the cats. Children between 12 and 15 years must show their passports. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the large selection of Manga literature on the cafe’s bookshelf.

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cat cafe tokyo Kichijoji station

Practical Info

Cat Cafe; Kichijoji District; West Tokyo
1-8-2 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi FC Kichijoji Building 2F
¥200 for 10 minutes or ¥1,500 for 90 minutes. There is an upper limit of ¥2,000 so it will never cost you more than that. If you visit in the morning before noon you can get 2 hours for ¥1,200 and if you visit after 5pm you pay 50% with an upper limit of ¥1,500. Visitors after 7pm get 70% discount and there is an upper limit of ¥1,000.
; each additional 10 minutes is an additional ¥150. Drinks ¥300; cake ¥300; food ¥500 and there are other special package deals. Cat snacks ¥300.
Open hours:
Web site:
Cat Cafe (Only in Japanese)

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