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Why Choose Melbourne?

Of all the great cities in Australia, few have the range of diverse things to do and places to see that Melbourne does. Even Sydney, often cited as the jewel in the crown of Australia, has to take a step back and allow Melbourne centre stage when it comes to a great city destination. We […]

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Have a beer mate, at the Australian Hotel!

Looking for a friendly Australian pub/bar with lots of character in Sydney, try the Australian Hotel Bar. Located just across the Harbour Bridge, at the entrance to the area called “The Rocks” – a trendy, pub filled, neighborhood with a lot of restored Edwardian buildings and ideal for people watching. The pub is on the […]

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Pay What You Want Restaurant

Sometimes you have a meal in a restaurant and feel that you would gladly have paid twice the price, it was so good. And other times you don’t think it is worth the price at all. Well here is a restaurant where you pay what you feel the meal is worth. The waitress will ask […]

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