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terracotta Army

Unusual Xian

Xian is often just a brief stop on travelers’ itinerary, most people stop here to see the Terracotta Warriors and then move on to the capital or Shanghai. However once you have seen the essential sites of Xian with a Xian tour then you should spend some time exploring the city in-depth. Unusual Xian Restaurant – 5th floor, Jinsha International, Changan Lu, […]

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Sun Island Snow and Ice Festival Harbin

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival Venues 2015

In 2015 the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival will have the theme of ” Happy Ice Snow Exciting City.” It will open on 5th January 2015 with a large firework display and many activities. Having recently planned a trip to Harbin I know online info about Harbin venues can be confusion so here is the […]

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China, Harbin, Snow and Ice Festival

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival 2 Day Itinerary

We took a pretty standard approach to seeing the sites in the short time we had there. Of course you can spend about a week in Harbin enjoying the many sites but you can also stuff it all in to 2 days. For just 2 days the Ibis Hotel is convenient and cheap. You can […]

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China,Great Wall

See the Great Wall on Beijing Layover Tours

Beijing is huge, even a week would probably not be long enough to scrap the surface but if you happen to have a short layover at Beijing’s Capital Airport there is no reason to waste your time sitting around in the airport. Firstly there is a 72 hour visa which you can get on-the-spot in […]

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TIBET: Tibet

Tibet – Not What You Imagined

When you think of Tibet it conjures up thoughts of Buddhism, Yaks, monks, Chinese occupation, slogans like “Free Tibet” and the Dalai Lama. And although the country has a reputation for being extremely beautiful there seems to be a cloud of uncertainty about when, if and how to visit. The surprising thing is it actually […]

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Walking on Air – A Glass Mountain Walkway in China

Imagine walking along a glass pavement attached at a right angle to the side of a sheer mountain cliff? Well in China you can have this mind-boggling and scary experience. 1.42km off the ground on the side of the Zhangjiajie Tienanmen Mountain a 60 meter long and 1 meter wide glass walk way or Walk of Faith has been […]

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coffee/book store, your next trip to Shanghai

When I first heard of Old China Hand”, I had no idea what it was, I have since discovered that a China Hand, originally refered to the 19th century European traders dealing in the ports of China, who had a thorough knowledge of the Chinese language, culture and people. The Old China Hand Reading Room in […]

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Unusual Shanghai – Dongjiadu, fabric, Cathedral, Shanghai

Shanghai is home to 20 million people, and the blend of old and new is slowly loosing its balance. In 2010 Shanghai will host the Shanghai Expo and already many sites and antiquated buildings are being demolished to make room. Now I know there is the “traditional Shanghai Old Street” and the Old Town, but don’t […]

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Feast Your Senses – Eat in the Dark

This dining experience originated at the Blind Cow in Switzerland. It’s called “eating in the dark”, “Sightless Dining”, “Dining in the Dark”, “Dark Dining”, or “where’d that meatball go?”. The concept is that you eat your entire meal in complete darkness. Either the diners are lead into pitch darkness, or you’re seated in light and […]

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China, Harbin, Snow and Ice Festival

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival 2014

BIG TIP: Use TravelZen or CTrip or eLong to book flights to Harbin, I did and the price was half of other advertised flights! I just returned from the 2014 Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin. This is really a must-do once-in-a-lifetime experience!! When planning the trip the many venues for the festival became very confusing. […]

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