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Painted Cow, Copenhagen

USE-IT Travel Guides – A Tourist guide for the Young and No Nonsense Traveler

USE-IT is a website offering current and up-to-date info and travel advise to no-nonsense travelers and young travelers, but the site can be useful to all travelers in my opinion! On USE-IT you can get interactive maps, website suggestions, travel tips, lists of free things to see and do and ideas about what to do […]

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Inari, Lapland, Finland

For winter travel try Finnish Lapland, to experience sub-zero temperatures, long winter nights, and perhaps see the Northern Lights.Northern Finland or Finnmark has no shortage of ski resorts and holiday villages, but to get a feel of the real Lapland, not the tourist resort Finnmark go to Inari. On the shores of Lake Inari, 300km […]

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Unique Winter Finland, Sami film festival

About 5 hours by bus north of the arctic circle, and Santa’s home in Rovaniemi, Finland, you will find the small town of Inari. When I say small I mean a one reindeer town. Inari sits on the edge of Inari lake, which becomes a vast solid surface of ice in the winter. There is […]

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Helsinki wood burning sauna

Sauna in Helsinki, a Good Scrubbing Experience!

This is where you lie down for your scrub! Without some unique experiences Helsinki is just another cosmopolitan metropolis. What you need is to get to places that only the locals know about. I always feel like I have had a unique travel experience when I find that I am the only tourist there. So […]

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