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Painted Cow, Copenhagen

USE-IT Travel Guides – A Tourist guide for the Young and No Nonsense Traveler

USE-IT is a website offering current and up-to-date info and travel advise to no-nonsense travelers and young travelers, but the site can be useful to all travelers in my opinion! On USE-IT you can get interactive maps, website suggestions, travel tips, lists of free things to see and do and ideas about what to do […]

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The Smallest Hotels in the World

Sometimes, you just want something a little different when you’re traveling; something unique and unusual that will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most of us have already stayed at the chain hotels and enjoyed all that they have to offer. Sure, it’s great to have a big, plush room with plenty of space to […]

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Image from Jtesla16 at wts wikivoyages

Hotels to drive a claustrophobe mad – Capsule Hotels and more…

In a well-known Seinfeld episode, Kramer tucks away a group of Japanese tourists in his newly acquired Karl Farbman chest of drawers. Though Jerry believes that “this has international incident written all over it,” Kramer thinks the drawers are equivalent to the accommodations provided by Japan’s capsule hotels. The first of these micro-hotels, the Capsule […]

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Free, Friendly, English Speaking Travel Advice in Munich

Sometimes a great travel experience is simply good service. We’re in a world where service is gradually becoming the minimum effort needed to get rid of you. In Munich, when looking for advice my mother recommended a place called Euraide, and told me it was on platform 11 of the main train station. Unfortunately most […]

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Oktoberfest for all the Family!

Telling you about the Oktoberfest in Munich is not that unique, but I want to add a little info that you might not know. Perhaps, like me, you’ve never been because you are not a big drinker, or keen on being in a tent with a bunch of drunken um papas. Well, by chance I […]

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Great Ghost Tour !

This tour is not unique in the sense that there are others like it, in York, England, USA and other places, and also because it is aimed at tourists, so you won’t be the first to know. However it is extremely enjoyable, and well presented. The night-watchman(Hans Georg Baumgartner) takes you around the walled Medieval […]

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Unique Surf the City Experience

If you are in Munich, Germany, probably the last thing on your mind would be to go surfing. Well you can see surfing, and maybe take part if you are brave, at the South entrance to the English Gardens nearest the The Haus der Kunst Museum. Close to the Isar river, there is the man-made river, Eisbach, […]

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