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Liquor Tasting in Amsterdam

I became interested in this unusual Amsterdam attraction when a friend returned from a trip to Holland obsessed with green banana liquor! Since the trip to Amsterdam he asks everyone who travels to bring him back a bottle, and every dinner at his house somehow involves this green banana liquor. Amsterdam, and Holland in general […]

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Unusual hotel in a Dutch Crane

Here’s an unusual hotel in an interesting place. Down by the docks in Harlingen, Netherlands, you will find a crane which was in use until 1996, lifting and moving timber. The crane cabin is 17 metres above the pier, and the jib can reach 45 metres, the control room and machine room can be your […]

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amsterdam brewery pub, windmill

Unique Amsterdam Windmill and Pub

No point going to Holland if you don’t see a windmill, right? But if your trip is based in the centre of Amsterdam, you will probably be too busy with Anne Frank, Van Gogh, and red lights to get out into the country side and see a windmill. Luckily there is a windmill relatively close […]

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