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Vilnius market selling off car bonnet

Vilnius Shopping: Where to Shop in Vilnius, Lithuania?

Vilnius is one of the most interesting places to shop at the moment, the city has not yet been swallowed up by the international brand companies that you find in every mall. In addition there are several great markets each with a unique character which you don’t find very often in Europe. Here are some good shopping places […]

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Pink Milkshake – Vilnius, Lithuania

Pink Milkshake is a cool hangout where you can mix with the youths of Vilnius. This is a place where the locals go, especially the local Vilnius art students. The decor is in hot pink and the menu includes small meals and milkshakes, coffees and ice creams. Check out their website: Pink Milkshake

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Vilnius, chuch

Devil’s Museum – Lithuania

Lithuania is no longer as inaccessible as it was even a few years ago. In fact if you are in one of the neighboring countries it is a short train ride to this unique country. If go to the trouble of coming to Lithuania then why not see something unusual that you would not find in any other […]

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