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Hotels to drive a claustrophobe mad – Capsule Hotels and more…

In a well-known Seinfeld episode, Kramer tucks away a group of Japanese tourists in his newly acquired Karl Farbman chest of drawers. Though Jerry believes that “this has international incident written all over it,” Kramer thinks the drawers are equivalent to the accommodations provided by Japan’s capsule hotels. The first of these micro-hotels, the Capsule […]

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Sweden, Stockhom City Hall

Gold Room Mosaic, Stockholm

This is part of the byzantine style mosaic in the Gold Room in the Stockholm City Hall. The Nobel Prize is awarded in the City Hall and the guests have a ball here after the dinner. The building was completed in 1923 but I’m not sure when the mosaic was completed. However apart from the images depicting famous […]

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A sleep Tank in Sweden – Utter Hotel

If you really want to be cut off from the rest of the world, the Utter Hotel (Otter Hotel ) is the place to “submerge” yourself in solitude, or a romantic get away. Above water level the hotel appears to be a floating square small red house, but once inside you descend 6 meters to […]

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Eco-Travel: Eco-Friendly Forest Hut

Feel like getting back to basics, and reconnecting with nature? You can stay in the middle of nowhere in a hut without electricity or running water. In Kolabyn, which is a few hours drive from Stockholm, and just 45 from the Stockholm’s Vasteras Airport, you will find 11 forest huts scattered around Lake Skarsjon. Each hut […]

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