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Unusual Zurich Museum of Disfiguring Diseases

MoulagenMuseum Feast your eyes on realistic representations of diseased body parts. These are the medically accurate recreations of how the worse possible diseases manifest themselves on our bodies. See scar covered backs, blistered feet, swollen faces and pus oozing sores. Cancer, leprosy, syphilis and more are shown in plastic or wax  recreations. Models such as […]

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Loorenkopf – Hilltop Zurich Observation Point

Loorenkopf is a 33 meter high freestanding tower which stands among the forest of trees on the wooded mount Alisberg, north of the Witikon Quarter. The tower stands at an altitude of 694 meters. The tower was constructed in 1954 and made of wood lattice; long planks of wood which have been overlapped to form a criss-cross pattern […]

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Crime Museum Zurich, Switzerland

Having done extensive traveling in Europe when I was younger, and been to all the museums that you just “have to ” see, I now select the museums I visit according to how unusual, unique or weird they are. Which brings me to the Kriminal Museum in Zurich Switzerland. It is the kind of museum […]

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