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Good Vibrations – Antique Vibrator Museum

See How Women Used to get a Buzz 200 Years Ago! It seems that a mechanical  buzz has long been considered preferable to the good old fingers when it comes to meeting a woman’s needs. If this museum is anything to go by vibrators and sex toys have been around longer than you would imagine. The […]

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Fortune Cookie Factory – San Francisco

Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco? They’re still being produced in a small, hole in the wall, “factory” or should I say shop, but you’ll smell this place before you see it, as the aroma drifts up the small side alley off Chinatown’s main street. The Alley is one of […]

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Feast Your Senses – Eat in the Dark

This dining experience originated at the Blind Cow in Switzerland. It’s called “eating in the dark”, “Sightless Dining”, “Dining in the Dark”, “Dark Dining”, or “where’d that meatball go?”. The concept is that you eat your entire meal in complete darkness. Either the diners are lead into pitch darkness, or you’re seated in light and […]

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