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Library Hotel New York City

The Library Hotel, New York City

The Library Hotel, New York is a real page turner….. Looking for an interesting and unusual hotel in New York City? Well the Library Hotel New York is perfect for bookworms. The Library Hotel has ten floors each dedicated to a particular category of the Dewey Decimal System including: literature, the arts, technology etc. the […]

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Eat with the Locals

I’ve often thought that people who visit my country don’t really get to taste the “real” food of the country, but now they can. I’m thinking of signing up with a new website EatWith where locals host tourists in their homes for a home-cooked meal. The prices are reasonable, certainly no more than you’d pay […]

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Image from Jtesla16 at wts wikivoyages

Hotels to drive a claustrophobe mad – Capsule Hotels and more…

In a well-known Seinfeld episode, Kramer tucks away a group of Japanese tourists in his newly acquired Karl Farbman chest of drawers. Though Jerry believes that “this has international incident written all over it,” Kramer thinks the drawers are equivalent to the accommodations provided by Japan’s capsule hotels. The first of these micro-hotels, the Capsule […]

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nyc ice skating

Experimental, Underground, Freaky NYC

Going to New York and you want something to do that’s really out there? To find bohemian, strange, unique, unusual, fringe and freaky stuff to see and do in New York, start by subscribing to NY Nonsense. You can’t find out about the really “in” arty things to do unless you know someone from NY, […]

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