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Unique and Unusual Myrtle Beach Bars

Myrtle Beach is home to some pretty unique bars thanks to its role as a cost-effective tourist destination. Bars around here generally offer a combination of good drinks at affordable prices and a mix of entertainment and good views of the ocean. But these bars offer a little extra something. MIXX Pool Bar Part of […]

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6 Unusual Las Vegas Hotel Facts You May Not Know

The rich history of Las Vegas has a lot to do with the fascinating people and the over-the-top hotels. Take a look at these little known fascinating facts about some of the most well-known hotel properties in Sin City. 1.      El Rancho Built in 1941, the El Rancho was the first major resort to grace […]

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Where is the Cockroach Hall of Fame ?

Yes believe it or not someone thought enough about these creatures to dedicate a complete museum to them. But the fact that it is a Hall of Fame doesn’t refer to famous roaches but rather to the roles they play in the scenes set up in the museum. The imaginative creator of this exhibit has taken […]

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Fortune Cookie Factory – San Francisco

Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco? They’re still being produced in a small, hole in the wall, “factory” or should I say shop, but you’ll smell this place before you see it, as the aroma drifts up the small side alley off Chinatown’s main street. The Alley is one of […]

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Destination Yoga for a Unique Yoga Vacation

If you are interested in yoga or looking for a relaxing, spiritually rejuvenating get away then you may want to take a look at Destination Yoga. Here you can combine professional yoga instruction with a vacation is several locations across the globe. Where can you have a Destination Yoga vacation? Choose from Crete in the […]

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nyc ice skating

Experimental, Underground, Freaky NYC

Going to New York and you want something to do that’s really out there? To find bohemian, strange, unique, unusual, fringe and freaky stuff to see and do in New York, start by subscribing to NY Nonsense. You can’t find out about the really “in” arty things to do unless you know someone from NY, […]

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Feast Your Senses – Eat in the Dark

This dining experience originated at the Blind Cow in Switzerland. It’s called “eating in the dark”, “Sightless Dining”, “Dining in the Dark”, “Dark Dining”, or “where’d that meatball go?”. The concept is that you eat your entire meal in complete darkness. Either the diners are lead into pitch darkness, or you’re seated in light and […]

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