Changing of the Guard Ankara Turkey

(Updated December 2017)changing of the guard Turkey

Where to See the Changing of the Guard Ankara Turkey

You can see the changing of the guard in Ankara at the Anitkabir where the Tomb of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is located. Ataturk was the founder of mode

rn Turkey and the country’s first president. The site is about 2km west of Kizilay and stands on a prominent hill.


Visitors enter the mausoleum complex through an opening between two kiosks. In one there is a model of the complex as well as photos of the various stages of construction. You then follow an avenue flanked by neo-Hittite stone lion statues until you reach the main courtyard. Visitors can climb the large flight of stairs and enter the mausoleum through large brass doors. The décor inside the hall depicts the various stages of Turkish history. The tomb itself is topped by a cenotaph cut from a monolithic block of stone. At the site you can also see some of his personal items and artifacts, a multimedia presentation and a few of his cars.

The guards march with a unique kind of bent knee goose step and service men from all sections of the defense forces take part (navy, army etc) so you can see several types of uniforms. They also don’t make much effort to keep the audience back so you can see little kids walking along imitating the guards.

Practical Info

When: Anitkabir – 9am-5pm (4pm in winter); Museum – Same hours but closed for lunch noon-1pm. The exact time of the Changing of the Guard is not listed so if anyone knows please let me know in the comments below.

Cost: Free

Where: Ankara (If you miss the ceremony in Ankara then you could see a similar ceremony at the Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul).


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