Cork Hi-B Pub, local legend!

When in Ireland you will probably seek out an Irish pub with lots of local character. Well this one may just have more character than you can handle.


There are negative reviews on the web, most referring to the attitude of the owner towards foreigners. But the proprietor Brian O’Donnel, set the tone of the place years ago being aggressively patriotic, charismatic, picking and choosing his clientele and kicking out anyone who looks at him funny. Now days the unwritten rules are less rigid but still there is zero tolerance of cell phones, ice in drinks, chewing gum and people ordering non-alcoholic drinks. As if you were a guest in his/their home, and they choose who they invite in. Some report a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere, with friendly chatty drinking buddies. But all say it is truly unique local experience. The Hi-B Bar is a cork institution and legend. Hi-B is short for Hibernia, an ancient name for Ireland.
You go up old wooden stairs and enter the pub which is small and cosy, and looks like someones sitting room. There are old red leather sofas, arm chairs, autographed pencil drawings on the walls of famous people, homey curtains, faded wall paper and a bar at the end of this one room establishment. Don’t be intimidated, someone will soon be telling you their life story, and if you get verbal abuse or chucked out, it is all part of this unique experience! There is always background music, classics, 50’s music or the favorite, jazz. On a Wednesdays and Thursdays there is a jazz pianist who takes requests. The patrons are young and old, intellectual and not, friendly, talkative and those that just look at you funny.The toilet, like the pub, is tiny and like the pub, an experience! You will never forget your visit, you’ll either love it or hate it, and won’t find a more Irish pub than the Hi-B Bar. See it while it’s still there.
Oliver Plunkett Street 108,
Cork, Ireland.
Opposite the Post Office, above the Minihan’s chemist, entrance between Hogan’s newsagents & Minihan’s pharmacy.

353 21 4272758

Photo by Freckledpast
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