Crime Museum Zurich, Switzerland

Having done extensive traveling in Europe when I was younger, and been to all the museums that you just “have to ” see, I now select the museums I visit according to how unusual, unique or weird they are. Which brings me to the Kriminal Museum in Zurich Switzerland. It is the kind of museum where you want to stop and read each label, and understand the story behind each exhibit. The museum showcases the history of crime and crime prevention, focusing on the sickest cases of course. Some websites have written that the museum is only open on request, but I just turned up and it was open, so maybe call ahead.

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Kasernenstrasse 29,
8004 Zürich
How to get there:
Walking distance from Zurich Selnau
Open Hours:
Tours – Mon-Thur 5:30pm and 7pm
Fri 5:30pm
Sat on request 10am and2pm
Sun closed.
Available in English and German
Only those over 18 years old can visit the museum and all visitors need to be with a tour which lasts about 2 hours. No tours during the summer holidays.
Contact:+41 44 247 22 11
The website is in German. Don’t get confused with the Criminal Museum in Rothenburg, also a great museum but different country.

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