Destination Yoga for a Unique Yoga Vacation

If you are interested in yoga or looking for a relaxing, spiritually rejuvenating get away then you may want to take a look at Destination Yoga. Here you can combine professional yoga instruction with a vacation is several locations across the globe.

Where can you have a Destination Yoga vacation?
Choose from Crete in the Greek Isles; Shreyas, India; Puglia, Italy; New York, USA or even a combination holiday of yoga and ski in the Dolomites. The variety of destinations offered on Destination yoga means that you are bound to find a place where you would like to vacation as well as have the yoga experience. Not every destination will suit all, those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of city live can choose Crete or India over New York and those looking more for a vacation in a foreign city may go for Italy or New York, depending where they are coming from.
On a Destination Yoga vacation you combine the yoga instruction with free time which you can use as you choose to either indulge in massages and relaxation or set off to explore your yoga destination location.
What do you do on a Destination Yoga vacation?
The Destination Yoga vacations are held in “stylish comfortable venues” and the price includes yoga instruction, food and accommodation. The venues for the Destination Yoga retreats all offer the traveler plenty to explore and tour when not involved in one of the twice daily yoga sessions. All of the Destination Yoga venues have a swimming pool and offer other spa treatments like massages.
Who does a Destination Yoga Vacation suit?
Your previous knowledge of yoga is not an issue with Destination Yoga as they cater for all levels but obviously yoga enthusiasts would enjoy this kind of vacation as well as those looking for a vacation a little more satisfying than just laying on a beach. If you are a seasoned traveler looking for something unusual or different then this could also be a good option for you. Most of all I think Destination Yoga is a great choice for those needing an escape from the tension and stress of modern day life, a way to become regrounded and focus on your inner life rather than the material world.
What does the Destination Yoga website offer?
The Destinations Yoga website is easy to navigate and offers all the information you may want about the trips they offer. You can learn about the different types of yoga; the instructors who teach on the Destination Yoga vacations; learn about the various locations available for Destination Yoga vacation; read informative articles and customer reviews and even get healthy recipes! On the site prices are given in British Pounds, and you can book your vacation online as all the available dates and price lists are provided.

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