Feast Your Senses – Eat in the Dark

This dining experience originated at the Blind Cow in Switzerland. It’s called “eating in the dark”, “Sightless Dining”, “Dining in the Dark”, “Dark Dining”, or “where’d that meatball go?”. The concept is that you eat your entire meal in complete darkness. Either the diners are lead into pitch darkness, or you’re seated in light and then given a blindfold – you choose your multi-course meal beforehand, and turn cell-phones off, you also only pay once the lights come on. The waiters in most of the restaurants are visually impaired or blind, and trained to put you at ease, others use night vision glasses. The first restaurant was opened to create job opportunities for the visually impaired.

Some of the restaurants (Camaje, Blind Cow)also provide entertainment in the dark, like tap dancing, concerts and readings, and others(Hunan Kingston) attach rattles to the waiters, so that you can at least know when they’re around. If you want to go to the bathroom, or stand for any reason, you need to tell a waiter, and of course it’s not recommended for people scared of the dark or claustrophobic.
The idea is to enhance your sense of taste, touch and smell, by neutralizing your sense of sight. It’s said to give you a heightened and new sense of the grub we normally eat first with our eyes and only then with our mouths. Adjusting our focus while performing an everyday activity, is also stimulating to the brain – like doing a puzzle – and propels you out of your comfort zone. While altering our perception of the food, it also gives us a greater empathy for the visually impaired, and is said to result in interesting dinner conversation. Now if you don’t end up with a glass of wine in your lap, you really will have experienced a unique and humbling meal. The idea has become so popular that at some locations you have to book 6 months ahead.
Would the last person to leave please put the lights on!
Los Angeles, Switzerland, Germany, or Berlin Germany, London,Hong Kong and Canada, Santa Monica, San Diego, San Fransisco, Moscow, Paris, Amsterdam,Israel, China, (Australia The Dark Side of 604 – may have closed down),Czech Rep, Poland.
From $25 in China, to $150 in the USA and Europe.


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