Eat a Bunny!

If you love curry and find yourself in Durban, get yourself a bunny! Bunny Chow was invented in Durban where there is a large Indian population. It’s a quarter, half or full loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with curry – vegetable, mutton, beef or chicken – then the bread that was dug out ( called the virgin), is balanced on top. It’s all wrapped up in paper, and eaten mostly as a take-away. Be careful how you eat it, as it can get messy. There are many versions of the history of the Bunny, some say it was for Africans who were not allowed in the Indian restaurants during Apartheid, so they could take it with them, others say that it was for the Indian workers on the railways many years ago, and there are still more stories, but one thing for sure, it originated in Durban. My mouth waters just thinking of them. Bunny Chow can be bought at many different hole in the wall restaurants, but there are a few rules of Bunny etiquette: Never refer to it as a Bunny Chow, just as a Bunny ( “Where do they make the best Bunnies?”), always ask for yours referring to the filling and the size (“I’ll have one-quarter mutton, or half a vegetable.”). Eat the “virgin”, first, – the bread on top, and then slowly work your way down tearing off pieces of the loaf to soak up the gravy. Be careful not to buy a Funny Bunny – one made with the middle of the loaf and not one of the ends. And the most important rule: make sure the owner of the place is Indian. Eat your Bunny on the side of the road, a park bench or the beach, and buy it before the lunch rush hour or late at night after partying.

All over South Africa, but best in Durban. Try in and around Grey Street.
From 20 Rand – 50 Rand depending on filling and size. Don’t pay more than 70.


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