Eat with the Locals

I’ve often thought that people who visit my country don’t really get to taste the “real” food of the country, but now they can. I’m thinking of signing up with a new website EatWith where locals host tourists in their homes for a home-cooked meal. The prices are reasonable, certainly no more than you’d pay in a restaurants and the site gives you plenty of information about your host so that you know what to expect. The program is run in several countries around the world, including Israel, Spain and New York to name a few. You get to make new friends, taste the country’s “real” food and, what appeals to me most- you get to see inside a local home!

Immersing yourself in the local culture is a new trend in travel and the “eat with” concept fits in with this. The idea is not to just speed through a country seeing the iconic highlights but stop to smell the roses and get to know the people. With globalization, pretty soon the European cultures will have blended into a quazi-American mish-mash and traveling will lose some of its charm. So in comes “Eat With”…

Check out the website; choose a destination; select your party size (how many people in your group); the region you want; whether you’re a tourist, having an event or if you’re age 40+; select your language; type of cuisine you’re interested in; your budget; amenities you require (smoking, handicapped etc) and whether you’re interested in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of the option available are vegetarian, organic, ethnic, boys-night-out, after hours pop-up market dinner and a family meal. Further details tell you whether the host sits with the guests, how long the dinner will last and whether it is suitable for kids.

I repeat the prices are very reasonable!! This sounds like a real adventure for both the host and guest. And in case you’re worried about security EatWith has you covered with a $1,000,000 third party insurance policy. Try Eat With for a new cultural experience.





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