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When you’re planning a trip you get your tickets and hotel booked and then start cruising the net for some interesting sites, and like me you probably come up against the same old “10 best tourist attractions in….” These days even the “off the beaten track” type posts and sites don’t offer any original or unique ideas but eTourism Insight can offer you some unique and often downright strange ideas for what to see and do at your next travel destination.


eTourism Insight offers you travel ideas for planning unusual vacations and if you aren’t sure about your next destination. You can learn about booking tools and get suggestions about when is the best time to travel or book your trip. The site also examines travel gadgets like iPad, travel apps and mini-cameras and gives them an honest assessment.
The eTourism Insight Blog is the really inspiring part of this site here you’ll find articles of “Top 10…” but it’s not just “Top 10 attractions” it’s Top 10 Weird Things to Do In…”‘ “Top 10 Quirky Things To Do In…”; “Where to go in Louisiana besides New Orleans” and other interesting and inspiring articles.
The most popular features on the site are tech tips for last minute travel; the best personalized iPad magazine apps and 10 tech gadgets to make your camping trip more luxurious.
So when you are looking for something more than just the top 10 tourist attractions, and when you’d rather not follow the crowd but want innovative travel technology together with unique travel guides try eTourism Insight.


2 Responses to eTourism Insight – Plan Your Next Unusual Vacation

  1. moindpfoc July 9, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    I do agree with you E Tourism gives you lots of discounts and as well you can save your time by booking them online. I recently visited Niagara Falls and booked my Niagara Falls hotel at my home, its really easy to use and in that way you can take many offers and discounts.

  2. Joseph September 15, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    I suggest you to plan your vacation where you get cheap flights it caused reduce in traveling cost.

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