Experience Thai Massage in Prague?


Believe it or not Prague is over flowing with Thai massage parlors – I am talking about the ones that actually give a massages, not the sexual kind. I could recommend one of the fancy pristine, Formica and pine wood shiny kinds, that you can find in almost any hotel in the world, but here is one with character. Just off Staromestske Square on Celetna Street in the Old town you will see a modest sign for Thai Massage, and an unobtrusive entrance to a building which looks like it leads to someones apartment. On entering you are faces with a narrow stair case that seems to go on forever, but at the top you walk into a reception area, the size of the average room in a house. It is dark and musky with shades of orange and red, a dying pot plant and the smell of incense. The guy at reception is from Africa, and speaks English, he will see that you have a cup of green tea, and make your appointment. ( you can phone ahead, or just turn up). Now you may feel like you are walking into a bordello, but you are not. The massage women are from Thailand, and are short matronly looking women. They politely lead you into a room with mats/thin mattresses laid out in a row, with white sheets hung up to partition you off from other guests if you so wish. This means that if you come with friends you can get your massages side by side. For the standard Thai massage you are given shorts and a T-shirt to wear, then you lie down and start to relax. Wow! A piece of heaven.


They really work you over, not missing a spot. Alternatively you can have an oil massage in which case you would have to take your cloths off and are given a towel to cover your bits. The place is aptly named Thai World, as it is a world in itself not connected in any way to Prague. The beauty is also in the price, being Czech the money is pretty cheap and prices accordingly. You can also have a foot or head massage, and several other variations. There are other branches of Thai world, but this one is so central you can fit it in on your tourist route.
Celetna 6
Prague 1
Old town square.
(00420) 224817247
Open hours:
Standard Thai massage 1 hour – $27
Most expensive massage is Emperor massage at $66
Web site:  Thai World

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