A fishy Pedicure Experience!

Unbelievably you can get that dead skin on your feet nibbled off by Piranha-like Garra rufa fish(Doctor fish). Yes you heard me! At the Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari spa near Tokyo you can experience a number of relaxing and not so relaxing treatments, including soaking your feet in a shallow pond for 20 minutes and have small skin-hungry fish strip away any flaky old skin from your feet.You can also get a good scrubbing with the akasuri body scrub. The spa is one of the largest in Tokyo designed to look like a village from the 1800 Edo period in Japan and provides a variety of pleasures. The setting is around a natural hot spring which provides the mineral baths, both indoor and out for guests. The landscaping is a peaceful combination of water, trees and Zen like sculptures and stones. There is the “One Hundred People,” – Hyakunin, a sand bath, rock sauna, play grounds for Japanese traditional games and toys, a theater, gallery, restaurants, bars, food courts, fortune-teller shops and shops for goods and souvenirs. So with all this on offer the open hours have to be pretty liberal they are only closed from 09:00 – 11:00. If you get tired during your day at the spa you can always relax on a tatami mat laid out in the tearoom at night or on leather reclining chairs. There is also an adjacent hotel.
2-57, Oumi,
Tokyo, 135-0064
Getting there:
JR Yamanote Line to JR Shinbashi Station, transfer to Yurikamome Line and get off at “Telecom Center” Station. It is 2 min. walk from the station. (You can see the place from the station). About 45 minutes from Tokyo.
Open Hours:
All day except 09:00-11:00
¥2700($27) but prices lower in evening and early morning, ¥1575 late night surcharge after 2 AM. There are separate charges for various special treatments, but the cover rate gives you access to many of the facilities. Fish pedicure $8.75.
Need to know:
People with tattoos are not allowed in.
Shoes are removed at the entrance.
You will get a yukata (kimono type gown) to wear through out your visit. Same sex pools are for use without any covering of the body. There are separate male, female and mixed baths.
Wooden sandals are at toilet entrance to be worn only in the toilet.
Coins and tokens can be kept in your Yukata sleeve. The token is used to buy and pay for things inside and it records your spending then you will be billed and pay on leave.
Wash before entering the baths….In short there are lots of etiquette rules and you can pick up a leaflet at the entrance. When in Tokyo….
Web site:
Tokyo Spa and Hot Springs Experience



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