Free, Friendly, English Speaking Travel Advice in Munich

Sometimes a great travel experience is simply good service. We’re in a world where service is gradually becoming the minimum effort needed to get rid of you.
In Munich, when looking for advice my mother recommended a place called Euraide, and told me it was on platform 11 of the main train station. Unfortunately most web sites also give this location, and for a few years they have not been there. They have moved to another location in the station, but the service has remained impeccable. There is also an office in the Berlin train station.
They speak perfect English ( and some speak other languages), and provide various services including booking train tickets; validating German rail passes; selling rail passes; booking bus tours to the Romantic Road and they also sell maps of the city (0.50Euro). They also give advise of places to see and things to do in Munich or Berlin.
But the reason to go to them instead of one of the train ticket booths, is simply because of their superb service. The business is service orientated, and you feel like you can have a seat, talk slowly and someone will sympathize with you, listen to you, and when booking your ticket they will have your best interests at heart, not just want to get rid of you.
On my visit the lady helping me soon found me the cheapest, fastest route to my destination, and calmly printed up the tickets, with a smile.
Thank you, I’m one satisfied customer!

Where: Munich Hauptbahnhof: Behind the DB Reisezentrum (travel center), next to Subway sandwich shop. In the above photo you would enter where the sign “hotel” is on the left.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof: In the DB Reisezentrum (travel center) – lower level.
Open Hours: Munich: May-Sept 08:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00. Berlin May-Aug 10:00-19:00.
Web site:

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