Get Away From It All on Tangier Island, Chesapeake Bay

How does this sound: sunsets, seafood, solitude, sea and sandy beaches. Well that’s what you’ll get on Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay just 12 miles off the Lower Eastern Shore of Virginia. If you’re visiting one of the major cities in the US you really should make the effort to see a different side to America. Tangier which is 1 mile wide and 3 miles long, is actually a small group of islands connected by wooden bridges and separated by marshes. Because of the islands isolation the locals speak a unique English which is reminiscent of the original English settlers in the area in 1686. The main source of income is from the sea, so you are surrounded by boats, and very good seafood (soft shell crab sandwiches)! There are neighbourhoods with names like Meat Soup and Black Dye, and one of the water ways in The Big Gut! You can really “get away from it all” here. It is connected to the main land by boats which leave regularly from Crisfield, Maryland and Reedville, Virginia. There is no crime on Tangier, one public phone, no mall, ATM, or drug store, and even no traffic lights. Why? Because there are no cars! That is right you can get around by bike or golf cart, which means much less noise and air pollution. Bird enthusiasts will be overwhelmed by the number of birds that come to enjoy the watery marshes, and fisherman’s left overs. A large number of stray cats have also made it to this over to the island in search of tranquility and fish. There are about 250 households on the island. However there in a tourist industry here, a modest one, but you can find Spanky’s ice-cream parlor, B&Bs, a few restaurants, and day trips from the island. Stroll along the wild beach , just you and the elements, not the bikinis, lifeguards of kiosks. Oh yes and the island is alcohol free!

Where: get the ferry for $70 return, from Crisfield, Maryland or Reedville, Virginia.
Stay at:
Try Hilda Crockett’s Chesapeake House – convenient, and price of $90-$120 includes breakfast, dinner and pick up from the ferry.
Bikes and golf carts are rented out by the B&Bs, and other rental points.
Web site:
Photo by Lynnmohd2

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