Guest Writers

If you have an interesting and unique travel idea to share with Unique Travel Experiences then I welcome guest writers who want to write a post in exchange for a link back to their site or blog. I also do sponsored posts if you have a link to promote but not the content writing skills or time to write.

Your post needs to be:

  • Over 300 words
  • Pass Copyscape
  • Be written in good English
  • The subject can be anything that would interest travelers but it MUST be unique/weird/quirky/unusual. The further off-the-beaten-path the better, yet still close enough for the average traveler to reach.
  • Guest writers are not paid and the post must remain unique (you cannot re-post it somewhere else after posting it on Unique travel Experiences).
  • I need to read your idea first before you present me with the final post (to save you time if it is not suitable for the site).
  • You may place a link in the text to your site/blog and a link in a two-line “Author Bio” at the end of the post.
  • Images would be nice but not essential and if you do provide images they must be copyright free.

If this all sounds OK with you them drop me at the Unique Travel Experience Facebook Page

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