Interesting Cape Town Museums

Cape Town is known for its astonishing beauty. Visitors to the Mother City are welcomed to the picturesque beaches, majestic mountains and colonial Winelands areas but the history of this sea-side town is often forgotten.Cape Town is home to a variety of interesting museums that will keep the budding history fanatic or even the keenest historian interested.


The South African Museum


Located within lush company gardens, the South African Museum features a variety of collections ranging from fossils and ancient artifacts to traditional clothes. This museum gives visitors insight into the culture and natural heritage of South Africa.
South African National Gallery
Located near to the South African Museum, the National Gallery houses a vast collection of art from across the globe. The temporary exhibitions at this museum change regularly and feature amazing works of art from local masters.
Robben Island
Robben Island is located just off the Cape Town shoreline and was a place of banishment and imprisonment during Apartheid times. It is here where visitors can gain insight into this part of South Africa’s history and they can see the cell in which Nelson Mandela spent a large portion of his life.
District Six Museum
The District Six Museum showcases the memories of the people of the Sixth Municipal District that were forcefully removed during apartheid times. This community originally housed a cultural mixture of freed slaves, merchants, artist, laborers and immigrants. This vibrant centre was known for its bright colours, singing, dancing and sense of community.
The Castle of Good Hope
The Castle was originally built as a replenishment station for the maritime ships and a navy look-out. Today the military still operate out of the Castle which is the oldest colonial building in the country. The castle offers guided tours of the grounds and its aim is to protect the country’s military and cultural history.
South African Navy Museum
The South African Navy Museum is housed in the actual Navy grounds in Simon’s Town. The collection at the museum houses model ships, a life-size ship’s bridge and submarine control room, naval guns, torpedoes, mines and mine-sweeping equipment, diving equipment and naval uniforms. On public navy days, visitors can also step aboard the navy training ships in the Simon’s Town harbour.
Along with the above main museums, a number of other places of historical places can be found in and around Cape Town. These places include the Cape Town Diamond Museum, the Bo-Kaap Museum, Groot Constantia Manor, Josephine Mill, Rhodes Memorial, the Slave Lodge, the Planetarium and St Georges Cathedral.


Author Bio: Janine Mare is a regular contributor for a number of travel-related blogs and websites. She is currently developing hotel write-ups and travel articles for a South African Tourism Company.


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