Interesting Things in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has been on my radar lately as I have been writing a lot of articles about the Hungarian capital in my capacity as a ghost writer for a travel site. But of course the sites I would list here are rather more off-the-beaten-track and unusual than those listed on any other Budapest travel site!

Ronald Reagan in Budapest – Freedom Square (Szabadsag)

What an unlikely sight! A life-size realistic statue of the former President of the USA as he takes a stroll down a street in Budapest. The statue is in honor of the role Reagan played in dethroning Communism in Eastern Europe. The bronze statue stands 7 foot (2.13 meters) and was created by Hungarian sculpture Istavan Mate. Budapest is actually a great destination for those who love public art, there are fascinating sculptures around every corner.

Ronald Reagan Statue Budapest Freedom Square

Lokal Budapest – Dob Utca 18

Lokal is a unique Budapest drinking hole popular with a young crowd. The decor is vintage but the skating element is evident in the skate board store at the entrance. In the summer you can sit in the pub garden and watch screenings of skate movies.

Labyrinth of Buda Castle

An intricate cave system runs beneath the Buda Castle and the Labyrinth of Buda Castle is the most interesting part. The cave system was originally created by the hot natural springs which run beneath Budapest. The caves have been used for many purposes including wine cellars, a military hospital, a terror chambers and a wax museum. Unfortunately it recently closed but if you are in the Hungarian capital check out if it has been reopened.

Anonymous, Budapest – Vajdahunyad Castle, City Park

You will most likely visit the City Park so watch out for this interesting statue which in my opinion looks more like the grim reaper. It is in fact Anonymous, the first Hungarian chronicler, a medieval storyteller. the storyteller always signed his work “the notary of the most glorious King Bela” and as there were three King Belas in that period the writer was never really identified.  The statue is by Miklos Ligeti and appears as a sitting figure in a large cloak with a hood covering his face.

BUdapest Anonymous Statue

Memento Park, Budapest – 1223 Budapest, 22nd District, Corner of Balatoni ut and Vasutallomas

Although only slightly off-the-beaten-track this is one of my favorite types of attractions and the kind I love to discover in former Communist countries. A park full of the discarded Soviet statues that once adorned the city squares and streets. You can also get into the cars of famous Communist leaders or call them up on the phone and talk to them!




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