Israeli Zoos – Chi Gan Petach Tikvah

israeli zoo petach tikvah

If in Israel and you want to visit a zoo the first choice is usually the Ramat Gan Safari (which is not a safari by international standards) this is Israel’s largest zoo which also has a short drive through area where animals are roaming freely (hence the safari” label) and there is an amphitheatre where kids shows are performed in the school holidays. Another popular option is the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo where you can see animals that were mentioned in Bible.
However Israel has many smaller and lesser known zoos, one of them which is tucked away in a neighborhood in Petach Tikvah is the Chi Gan. there is a small group of animals including a free-flying Avery, over 100 species of primates and a petting zoo. However three features make this small Israeli zoo stand out for me – the incredible foliage throughout the zoo, the taxidermy display in the zoo buildings and the nearby museums and park which can make this more than a short visit.
For more details about the Chi Gan Petach Tikvah read this more detailed review.


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