Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, a Travel Experience!

Lapa is an interesting place to visit for a unique Rio experience. Lapa is a neighbourhood in the centre of Rio de Janeiro famous for historical monuments like the Arcos de Lapa aqueduct; artists; historical colonial architecture and most of all for the weekend street party in the main street. You will see all kinds of Rio locals, from the slum dwelling mafia, drug dealers, artists, intellectuals and Samba fanatics. This is far from the Americanization you see closer to the sea front.
It’s not the safest area so stick to the square next to the aqueduct arches, or the main street, don’t wander off as you could get into danger, also be aware of pick pockets. Don’t take expensive items with you, or wear jewelry. Police patrol every 20 minutes, but still be careful. If you’re nervous then try getting a local to take you, or go just for a short time, to tease your senses with the smells, sights and sounds of the real Rio.
While there try the Caipirinha cocktail of cachaca, sugar and lime. There are food vendors set up underneath the arches. You’ll encounter rock music, Samba, hip hop, bongo drums and sultry guitar playing. The dancing spills out from the clubs and forro bars that line the street. Your own Rio carnival atmosphere, with infectious electrifying energy levels. The party continues until sun up.
Where: Take the 20 minute taxi ride from Zona Sul for around $13. Ask to go to the Arcos da Lapa. On one side of the arches are the tents of the outdoor club Circo Voador, but start off on the side of the square.
When: Lapa is an interesting place to visit at any time, but the real party is from Thursday till Saturday, from 22:00-06:00. On another trip try a ride on the Bonda/ “bodinho” tram which runs from Santa Teresa, Convento de Santa to Rua Joaquim Silva in Lapaland. 


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  1. Luxury July 6, 2009 at 7:04 pm #

    Oh I would bet Rio is a unique travel experience, it’s RIO! Thanks for the warning regarding the unsafe spots, I hope you did not learn of it from experience. Gotta try the Caipirinha, I’ve heard it goes well with spiced grilled meats and BBQs.

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