Liquor Tasting in Amsterdam

I became interested in this unusual Amsterdam attraction when a friend returned from a trip to Holland obsessed with green banana liquor! Since the trip to Amsterdam he asks everyone who travels to bring him back a bottle, and every dinner at his house somehow involves this green banana liquor.

Amsterdam, and Holland in general has a historic connection with the production of liquor and jeneveres dating back to the 17th and 18th century when the Dutch dominated the spice trade. They used fruits from near and far together with exotic spices to concoct these sweet thick alcoholic drinks.
Today you can find many “tasting rooms” or “proeflokanen” offering liquor tastings in Amsterdam, either free tastings or at a price. Wynand Fockink is the most reputable, their history goes back to 1679. Their distillery still functions and produces the largest range of drinks of this kind in the country. It is possible to take a tour of the facility which is furnished in 17th century style with original antiques and a traditional atmosphere.The tastingroom here is elegantly done out to put you in the mood and you can try a range of their products as part of your tour. The tastingroom is open from 3pm-9pm daily but unfortunately you need to book ahead blah, blah, blah and only with a group (8 or more people). However they do have an English tour and tasting on Saturdays at 12:30pm which lasts 45 minutes. For this tour and liquor tasting you don’t need to “subscribe” just turn up on time. You can also just turn up during open hours and buy a drink to sample for about 3€.

Contact them here for details: but as far as I know it costs about €10 per person.

Wynand Fockink is located at Pijlsteeg 31- 43, Amsterdam.

For a list of other tastingrooms in Amsterdam follow this link, and there are even some free liquor tastings in Amsterdam.

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