Little India in Paris

Why see only the stereotypical Parisian when in Paris, if you make your way to Little India/Passage Brady you’ll also see Madame Gandhi or Messieur Shah, and they too are an important component of multi-cultural Paris.
When approaching it you’ll first pass Barbes, an area with residents mainly from Africa and then before you see little India, you will smell it, as your senses are aroused with the smells of cardamon, garlic, chilli incense and turmeric.

It lies in the 10th arrondissement between boulevard St. Martin and the boulevard du Faubourg St. Denis. The passage itself is covered, and so you can visit in all weather, but don’t neglect the storesĀ  in the alleys.

The locals here are expats from around the world, but mostly India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The supermarket Cash&Carry (13 Rue Cail) supplies home comforts for a number of countries, not just those on the subcontinent.

On offer here are Saris and silks, exotic foods, C.D.s, Carnatic music and Bollywood flicks, Tamilian shops, barbers shops, Ayurveda treatment salons and even a Ganesh Temple which celebrates an annual festival sometime in late August early September.
Apart from the stores of course there are the restaurants, each with its own regional delicacy, and at a variety of prices. If you like it hot and spicy this is the place for you.
The passages close to the Brady are also interesting and each holds its own immigrant culture and charm. Alternatively there is another lesser known Indian neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement, which you could venture to and just walk around exploring the area.

83 Brady Passage
in the Gare du Nord area of 10th arrondissement.
75010 Paris
Getting there:
Exit La Chapelle tube station turn left for Rue du Faubourg St. Denis (in the direction of Gare du Nord), you will already see the Asian stores, and a little further on you can follow your nose to the Brady Passage.
Alternatively start at the Chateau d’eau or Stasbourg St. Denis Metro stations.
Passage runs between Boulevard St. Martin and Boulevard du Faubourg St. Denis.
Tel: 01 42 46 06 06
Open Hours: As stores

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