Down Under in Russia

You are probably familiar with the London tube and the New York subway, but the Moscow underground is nothing like those. And I’m a sucker for free tourist attractions. The Moscow underground is definitely the most ornate and grand underground in the world. You will probably visit a lot of elegant and opulent palaces in Russia, but seeing all that grandeur in an underground station makes it a bizarre and unique experience in Moscow.
The construction of the Moscow Metro was begun in the early 1930s and progressed over 4 periods, each one showing a different style and taste. Of course there are also modern stations, but who needs them. Other stations built under Lenin’s rule show socialist motifs. A variety of materials are used including pink, white and black marble which decorates Byelorusskaya, Ploshchad Revolutsii, Elektrozavodskaya and Aeroport, and deep red marble in the Krasnye Vorota station.
Dinamo, Byelorusskaya stations are decorated with semi-precious stones and onyx marble. The Mayakovskaya station is one of the most popular with mosaic cartoons by Alexander Deineka, and the Ploschad Revolutsii Station is adorned with 76 bronze statues of the founders of socialism and workers.
But for me the one not to miss is Komsomolskaya, all that glitters and more, including chandeliers. Also Kiyevskaya-Koltsevaya was chosen in a competition held in the Ukraine and signifies the unity between Russia and the Ukraine, it is resplendent with gold, chandeliers and a portrait of Lenin. So go on a round trip and see the free sights of Moscow.
Moscow, Russia
05:30-01:00 all year round
$0.65 (approximately) cents a ride
0.7 million travelers a day.
177 stations
12 lines
For starters take the Green Line round trip and/or the Dark blue line.
I stayed in an excellent hotel for next-to-nothing in the center of Moscow close to Red Square. You can read my Trip Advisor reviews (petal66) or search for Moscow hotel bargains here.

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