Nightmare Attraction in Eilat, Israel

This is not an unknown attraction, but is tucked away down a dark ally, and most tourists don’t manage to fit it in to their busy schedule of water sports and 3D movies in Eilat.

When I first heard of this place I thought, oh, another amusement park like horror house, but when I saw grown men screaming like little girls to be let out, I decided to take a second look.
What is unique about this walk through horror experience is that the figures that come at you, are real, not plastic dummies.

The promo says nightmare-haunted maze, maybe you’ll be the next one on our chicken list.
You enter through a narrow space, holding hands in a chain with 7 other gluttons for punishment, it is pitch black, and hands grab at you, screams and groans surround you, and even the floor beneath you is uneven and unpleasant. You can only move forward to the next chamber when you see a small red light, and follow it. At one point a man comes at you with a chain saw, and yes it is a real man and a real chain saw! I won’t give away any more of the surprises, but if you can’t take it and want to be let out, you need to shout “nightmare” and someone will come and rescue you. Of a group of 8 adult, only half of our group stayed on to the end, the others chickened out. So face your fears, and don’t miss this attraction found only in Eilat, as far as I know.
Where: Eilat, Israel. Next to Pizza place on middle level of the New Tourist Centre (don’t know why it’s called “new” it’s actually the oldest tourist centre in Eilat) Opposite the I-Max.
Open Hours: All week from 18:00-03:00
Cost: 50NIS
Web site: Hebrew only as far as I can see.
Not recommended for those under 14, pregnant women, people with heart problems or cowards!


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