Unusual Norwegian Souvenirs in Bergen

Norwegian souvenirs can be expensive and you find the same old thing in every store: troll, flag or hat,bla, bla. But sometimes you come across a small quaint unobtrusive store full of unusual special souvenirs. That is what I happened upon in Bergen. We stayed at the Clarion Hotel Admiral (highly recommended), and on the walk into town we came across a small store with Russian Dolls in the window. Now I have a thing for these dolls, but that is beside the point. We went in and there was a Russian lady, very sweet and obliging, willing to explain each item and its meaning and origin. Apart from the wide range of Russian Dolls/matryoshka/nesting dolls (including troll, Obama, Father Christmas and Madonna), they also stock porcelain and glass figures, birch bark and wooden artifacts, Norwegian woolen shawls, jewellery and Crystal. Apart from the more unusual items they do have the magnets, trolls and hats of Norwegian fame, and at better prices than the other local stores. Perhaps the souvenirs here are slightly cheaper because the store is not in the dead centre of town, but it is only about 5 minutes from the fish market. Worth a look, and take advantage of the friendly and informative conversation.

Porato Basko
Strandgata 25
5013 Bergen
See web site for Trondheim branch
Getting there:
If you are standing at the fish market facing the sea, walk down Strandaien on your left until you get to a curve to your left in the road, follow the curve, around the bend and the shop is about the second or third on your side of the road.
(+47) 40 28 67 17
Web site:
Porato Basko, Bergen

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  1. Chris May 21, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    You can find a number of this kind of Russian store in Scandinavia, and other countries where there has been mass immigration from Eastern Europe to teh West.

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