Paris: Up Close and Personal!

You don’t have to be a travel expert or enthusiast to know how splendid Paris is. This city is very well-known as the city of lovers and its primary language, French, is known to be the language of love. Nevertheless Paris is certainly sought after not just by lovers but by the kids and the kids at heart, the fashion aficionados, or simply for those who want to unwind and escape from their hectic work and the chaotic urban environment.
Let’s take a closer look at Paris and see why this city has become so desirable by people in all walks of life:
Taking delight in Paris does not have to be expensive

Paris creates an impression of extravagance but on the contrary, it can be the cheapest tour that you’ve ever done, without sacrificing pleasure.

Let’s start with the transportation. Walking around is perhaps, the cheapest but a great way to go around since it allows tourist to savour the amazing sights at a slow pace. But if you want to witness more by getting a bit faster with some form of transportation, biking and skating is a good suggestion due to the even pavement surfaces. Buses, subway train systems, and boats will also get you around more throughout the city.

Where to stay in Paris
Finding a place to stay is not much of a hassle in Paris. There’s a wide array of hotels in Paris France with lavish service but for a more affordable stay, tourists can go to hostels. Some of these accommodations even offer free breakfast along with the package.
Explore Paris

And the best part of going to Paris is exploring the city. Simply going around the neighbourhood is already impressive with the remarkable city lights, interesting locals and tourists passing by, or seeing some couples kissing.

To enrich your Paris tour further, you may want to visit one of the most popular attractions which is the Louvre. To get in for free, visit this place every first Sunday of the month and on Bastille Day which is every July 14th. Some visitors also get free entrance such as those below 18 years old, students and teachers of history and arts, and disabled persons with their assistants.

Louvre Interior Room

Another Paris landmark that is popular not just in Paris but all over the world is the Eiffel Tower. You haven’t been to Paris if you haven’t been to this site. Initially intended to be mounted for only a few months, this cast-iron tower is now Paris’ most visited attraction.
Cemeteries are eerie places but not Paris’ Pere-Lachaise Cemetery where you can marvel at famous people’s tombs such as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and other historical personalities.

Being rich in history and arts, museums thrive in Paris. A practical way to visit as many museums as you want is to buy a museum pass.
There are far more attractions in Paris than those recommend above. To make the most out of your tour in Paris, it would be best to do your homework and get a map, or visit a Paris Travel Guide on the Internet. This way, all you have to care about is enjoying your tour without wasting time finding directions and figuring out which attractions to check out, where the subway train and bus stations are, operating hours of different attractions, etc.

Final Words

Paris is certainly full of attractions but there’s nothing like going there prepared. Keep these suggestions in mind and you’ll have the best Paris tour that you’ll cherish forever.

Author Bio: Sandy Allain has written several articles about different cities. For more helpful information on Paris, visit his site for a more comprehensive Paris Travel Guide.

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