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Sometimes you have a meal in a restaurant and feel that you would gladly have paid twice the price, it was so good. And other times you don’t think it is worth the price at all.

Well here is a restaurant where you pay what you feel the meal is worth. The waitress will ask you “How much?” when it comes to paying, and you can then decide the price you feel is fair to pay. Lentil As Anything is a social support organization promoting trust within the community, and unconditional generosity in Australia’s multicultural society. Their aim is to have a positive influence on the development of the community, especially in education and the environment. They run several non-profit projects, helping new migrants integrate into the main stream, by providing them work, and they provide countless free meals to people in need.
You can also contribute, just by patronizing their restaurant and choosing to pay a fair price for your meal.
Now philanthropy aside, the food is also good!
The restaurant is vegetarian, with vegan options, and occasional Sri Lankan and Japanese specials but you can also just pop in for a coffee and cake. The decor is laid back, and has a Hippy vibe about it. It is also situated in the lively area of St.Kilda, where you are sure to find other attractions along the way. The restaurant seats 30, and is the original Lentil As Anything restaurant, although today they have several others. You can bring your own booze, and payment is cash only.
Here you can get a meal and a moral lesson in one.
41, Blessington Street
St Kilda ,
Getting there:
Between the Peanut Farm Researve and the St Kild Public Gardens
Tram routes 96 from Bourke Street, tram 112 from Collins Street and tram 16 from Swanston Street, all service St Kilda and are around 25 minutes from the city.
03 95345833
Open hours:
Mon-Sun 12:00-20:00
Web site:
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