Penis Museum in Iceland

This may be a crude travel experience but it’s certainly unique, and not what you’d expect to find in Iceland. Giving new meaning to “free willie”, there is the well endowed museum of Phallology, that’s to say, penises and penile parts. The museum contains 261 specimens belonging to almost all land and sea mammals found in Iceland, and some from around the world. For example a 2mm hamster penis, an elephant’s willie and a 1.7 meter sperm whale pickled pecker. All displays are in jars of formaldehyde or “mounted” on the walls. There’s also a display of assorted penile paraphernalia and artistic oddments and practical utensils , like toothpeckers, walking “boner” sticks, coat (well) hangers and scrotum bags. It may be “hard” to believe but there are also elf, troll and a sea-monster’s privates. Several human specimens have been promised to the museum by proud “boner-fied” science enthusiasts, who wish to be remembered as “up-standing”citizens of the community. That’s pretty much the long and the short of it. It’s not hard to find just ask for erections…ah…directions.

(Don’t follow directions to the museum in Reykjavik, as it has moved)
Hedinsbraut 3a,
640 Husavik, – 298 miles northeast of Reykjavik.
011-354-566-8668, 011-354-868 7966 or 011-354-561 6663
Approximately $8
Open hours:
Sept-April Tues & Sat 14:00-17:00
May-August Tues – Sat 14:00-17:00
Web site:
Penis Museum 

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