Rare Adventure Spots In Sabah, Malaysia

If you think Asia is limited to a few activities, then you had better think again. Sabah, Malaysia has so many things to offer and if it comes to adventure spots, it is probably one of the best destinations to consider.


Usakan Bay: Wreck Diving
Sabah is known for the best diving locations in the world. You will find many Kota Kinabalu Hotels located in secluded islands to offer accommodation to those who fancy enjoying a nature adventure nearby. Nevertheless, a trip to Usakan Bay will be a thrill to those who are well acquainted with World War II because it gives you the opportunity to see the Ricebowl Wreck and the Upside-Down Wreck up close. However, you should have a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver License to be granted access to this site.
Batu Punggul: Spelunking and Rock Climbing
If you fail to meet the diving requirement, then you may go for the spelunking and rock climbing challenge offered at Batu Punggul. Imagine conquering a large limestone massif that has to be climbed strategically with 90-degree vertical climbs. It would most definitely require stamina and muscular endurance. Nevertheless, the promise of a breathtaking view from the top will motivate you to endure the hardships and difficulties.
Liwagu River: White Water Rafting
This is only for the brave of heart. This 25 kilometer long adventure is offered by the management of Liwagu River, which is a secluded and raw section of Sabah. You only need to trust the water and your guide while you tightly hold on to your raft as you try your best to paddle hard. Teamwork has to be given utmost priority but make sure to shout whenever you feel the adrenaline rush flowing through your veins.
Lohan Village: Paragliding Experience
You don’t need wings to fly, but you would most definitely need the supervision of licensed and experienced paragliding trainers for this to become a reality. Soar and glide into the sky while you enjoy the beauty of Lohan Village. If you haven’t had enough, then go to Kokol Village or Tamparuli’s Ruhiang Hill to feel the thrill of flying once again.
Extraordinary Mountain Bike Expedition
Do not think of this as an easy challenge, but it is perfect for those who wish to remain fit while traveling. Get your limbs moving and your cycle gear prepared for a long cycling trip around Sabah. It can be a day tour or a multi-day excursion adventure. You will be pleased to let the Sabahbreeze touch your skin while giving you the liberty to pause and enjoy great scenery along the way.
You will definitely need to look for the best hotels in Kota Kinabalu after these extra challenges. Choose one that is near your chosen adventure site and have a relaxing sleep in its care.


Author Bio:
Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer for Sabah Tourism. She considers it one of the best places to explore and will never get tired of seeing the beauty and wonder this region.


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