Great Ghost Tour !

This tour is not unique in the sense that there are others like it, in York, England, USA and other places, and also because it is aimed at tourists, so you won’t be the first to know. However it is extremely enjoyable, and well presented. The night-watchman(Hans Georg Baumgartner) takes you around the walled Medieval town of Rothenburg pointing out interesting buildings, throwing in snippets of history and comic relief. It is all in the presentation. The guide has a deep voice and is tall, he wears a cloak and carries an old lantern and spear like weapon. I won’t ruin the thrill by giving away any of his puns, but it is enjoyable and I found myself laughing a good deal of the time. Rothenburg in itself is exquisite, and very well-preserved, if over populated with tourists, but the trick as with any touristed site, is to go out of season. I will write about other Rothenburg attractions in future blogs and you can read my reviews on Trip Advisor. The tour goes past a pub called “Hell”, and if you are still in the mood for a night out at the end of the tour why not “go to Hell” and have a few drinks!

I stayed in the most exquisite hotel in Rothenburg.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber,
on the romantic road,
reachable for a 24 hour trip if you are based in Munich or Frankfurt.
The tour leaves from the market square, you won’t miss the night-watchman.
Mid-March – Christmas
Every evening at 20:00
€6 adults, €4 kids, under 6 free.
Duration 1 hour.
German tour at 21:30
Web site:
Photo by Jprowland

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