San Pantalon Church in Venice

The San Pantalon Church in Venice is plain from the outside but inside the 11th century structure, which was redone in the 17th century, you will discover a magnificent ceiling painting on canvas – “The Martyrdom and Apotheosis of St Pantalon” . It took the artist Gian Antonio Fumiani 24 years to paint. At which point he plunged to his death from the scaffold, and now stares permanently at his work from his resting place within the church. The ceiling Baroque painting is thought to be the largest paining on canvas, and the artist used trompe-l’oeil technique so that the figures seem to step away from the background. Light is shinned on the works of art only by feeding coins into a box (it used to be 200 lire coins but with the Euro, I am not sure).
San Pantalon Church in Venice
Where: Take the watertaxi to Rio Novo or Vaporetto n.1 from the bus terminal or train station.
Campo San Pantalon, (the square of San Pantaleone Martire)
On Rio di Ca’ Foscari, close to where it joins the Grand Canal.
Open hours: Mon-Sat 10am-noon and 1pm-3pm
Cost: Free
Note: It is not possible to take photographs.

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