Shopping at Izmailovo Market: Where to Buy Souvenirs in Moscow, Russia

This is the only place to shop for souvenirs in Moscow, Russia. Not only will you find lots of generic souvenirs but you can also pick up original arts and crafts as well as WWII memorabilia. The trip to the market takes you out of the city center so you get to see a little of how the normal people live. I found a beautiful compass that I just had to have, it had a poem engraved on the inside. Having searched everywhere for reasonably priced Babushkas (my daughter collects them from all the places I travel to), I was in seventh heaven when I saw this place!!! Rows and rows of the dolls.The same dolls will cost you a fraction of what they  cost in Moscow’s central shopping areas like New Arbat Street. Unlike central Moscow here you won’t find tons of foreign brands or tourist targeted stalls. The Izmailovo market in Moscow will be your one stop shopping spot for Russian souvenir shopping.
The market also has original art work being sold by the artists. There are some other attractions in the “Kremlin at Izmailovo” which is a wooden reconstruction of the famous Moscow Kremlin. Inside there is a vodka museum, toy museum and museum of Russian traditional costumes but I didn’t get to see in side as I was there in the off-season and it was closed.
How to get there:Take the metro to Izmailovsky Parkwhich is now called Partizanskaya
When to go: Weekends are the best but the market is open all week 9am-6pm

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