Sossusvlei – The Awe-inspiring Tourist Attraction Of Namibia

Sossusvlei is originated from two words Sossus and vlei. Veli is an African word, which means a depression filled with water. Sossusvlei lies in the extreme north of Namibia. The River Kuiseb and River Koichab mark its boundaries. The high percentage of iron in the region has transformed the color of the sand dunes from pink to orange.
The oldest sand dunes with an intense reddish color are about 200 meters above the sea level. One of the highest dunes in the world is here and nicknamed Big Daddy. Due to its popularity around the globe, this region has been used as a setting for hundreds of films, advertisements and music videos.
The region is rich in flora and fauna. Common animals of the area include rodents, jackals, mammalians, reptiles, arthropods, antelopes, ostriches and many others. A good percentage of bird species are observed during the months of August to October.

Changes that have been made near this tourist attraction

Local folks of the place often refer to the dunes as star dunes due to their crescent shape and the vibrant colors they reflect. Sossuslvei has become one of the most popular attractions in Namibia. Keeping this in consideration, local authorities of the region have put all of their efforts into facilitating tourism in the region.
Better means of transportation have been developed to reach the destination. They have built a strong road to connect Sossuslvei to different parts of the country. Moreover, arrangements have been made for the accommodation of tourists. Various lodges, hotels and resorts were built between Solitaire and Sesriem.

Where to stay in Sossusvlei?

You could spend your vacations in the Sossusvlei Lodge, located near the oldest desert in the world. Huge sand dunes and thorny trees surround the region. A wide adventure center has been established in this lodge. Eco-friendly quad biking, guided sunset walks, hot air ballooning, nature drives, and bush dinners are some of the specialties of the region.
To relax and relieve your stress, you could take a relaxing dip in the crystal clear pool or enjoy the ice cold beer in the Acacia beer garden. A floodlit waterhole is another popular attraction at the lodge. You will surely enjoy watching the beautiful ground squirrel, jackal, hyena, springbok, Oryx and many other species under the floodlight as they come to drink.

Activities to perform near Sossusvlei- the oldest sand dunes in Namibia

Hot air ballooning is one of the most adventurous activities at Sossusvlei. To undertake this thrilling activity, you need to reach the take off area. Enjoy the thrilling air ride of about an hour. Due to the burner fitted into the basket, you will feel warmth during the flight.
Once the ride is complete, the organizers will arrange a champagne breakfast for you. Before undertaking the air journey, consider these points:

  • Make sure that you do not overload the basket with food, bottles and other unnecessary stuff. It might imbalance the balloon.
  • You could carry your camera to click some amazing photographs of reddish dunes from the height.
  • Ensure that you wear proper clothes that suit the season.

Enjoy your vacations in the heart of Namibia.

Author Bio: The article is written by Aleksey. He loves to go on African safaris and adventurous trips, and he has written a lot of articles on various travel destinations. He also provide a lot of information about houses for sale in Namibia.

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